PROJECT NAME  7 Burlington Station


OWNER  KETV-7, Hearst Television

FIRM  Leo A Daly

CONTRACTOR  Lund-Ross Constructors

PHOTOGRAPHER  Visko Hatfield

Today, as a local news outlet, the building’s history of serving the community continues–telling our stories, bringing the world into our living rooms. The interior architecture is about these stories. As a result of its period of vacancy, most of the building’s historic 1930 interior finishes were lost, revealing the vestige of its original Greek Revival design. The new design preserves and showcases this vestige, along with what remains of the building's historic materials and patina. Stone, brick, steel, and decorative plaster finishes are repointed, patched, and protected. New elements exhibit an architecture of restraint consisting of simple materials and forms which create a calming background for the chaos of the news. A soothing color palette of white, gray, and buff is invigorated with punches of russet and blue, but the boldest colors come from the stories–both breaking news and historic materials.

Jury Notes: Here is an incredible combination of restoration/reuse and Owner commitment. We applaud the design team’s effort in telling the building’s story through design. There is a nice balance between what is touched and what is untouched. This building is a reminder of the vulnerable value they could bring to an evolving urban landscape.